Welcome to DES SCHOOL 2018, Sorrento Coast, Italy

The goal of the school is to provide Ph.D. students (and young researchers) with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the research areas of discrete event systems presented mature as well as recent results in this field (thanks to the contribution of control theoreticians and control engineers, software engineers and computer scientists, operations research specialists lectures), to exchange information and new ideas, and to discuss new developments in the field of discrete event systems theory and application.

The PhD school will include lectures based on discrete event system modeling (using Petri nets, automata or max-plus algebra), supervisory control including symbolic computation/computational methods in supervisory control, formal methods in control, diagnosis-opacity-privacy-security, discrete event systems approaches to cyber physical systems and Industry 4.0
The scientific program will be organized in eight lectures of two-hours and a final discussion.
It will be given the possibility to interested students to take a final examination.